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Anti-frost fan for outdoors, urban mini fan

  • CatagoryGreenhouse & horticultural equipment and materials > Greenhouse & horticultural equipment and materials
  • Product Name
  • Company NameDAEDONG IND.
  • Product No.21-5
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Corporate information

  • Address94-9, Nowon-ro 1-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerKim Mi Kyeong
  • Websitewww.daedongfan.com
  • Tel+82-53-424-7883
  • Fax+82-53-359-1131
  • E-maildaedong-inc@hanmail.net

Detailed information

Anti-frost fan for outdoors is to reduce damage caused by cold damage during flowering and high temperatures in summer.


It is a high-tech IT product that uses the old-time smoking method used by old farmers as anti-frost measures.


UDCF-OF400 can destroy stagnant air layers and create anti-frost effects by using the cold air rising from the ground.


The urban mini-fan can be used on a small-sized apartment veranda, so that it can reproduce the effect in the facility house as it is. It is equipped with an automatic sensor and controller that comprehensively analyzes the nutritional status of crops, including temperature and humidity. It is specialized for home or laboratory use, not for large-scale greenhouses.




It increases the fruiting rate by reducing the cold damage during the flowering period, and reducing the heat at high temperature.