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  • Address21, Cheomdan venture so-ro 37beon-gil, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerKim Ju Yeong
  • Websitewww.dongseoco.com/
  • Tel+82-1599 6902
  • Fax+82-62-955-6903
  • E-maildongseo6901@hanmail.net

Detailed information



The flow fan of Dong-seo Green reduces the internal temperature deviation by flowing air in the left, right, and reverse directions.

By removing the humidity caused by the difference of temperature in and out in winter and the high temperature in summer with forced convection,

it prevents mold and insect damage and then increases yield.

Roof ventilators are divided into one-way and interlocking, so it's easy to install and adjust speed according to the season.
In summer, it makes forced-ventilation reduce temperature quickly and protect house vinyl by simultaneous operation in a typhoon.

An air stirrer reduces the temperature deviation by stirring up the air up and down of the facility, and acts as a blower while saving energy.

By attaching an external shutter, the exhaust fan can control the environment with an automatic temperature and humidity sensor timer while blocking the inflow air from outside.

Like this, Dong-seo Green provides various ventilation systems to create a suitable greenhouse environment for crop growth.