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  • Company NameDAEDONG IND.
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Corporate information

  • Address94-9, Nowon-ro 1-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerKim Mi Kyeong
  • Websitewww.daedongfan.com
  • Tel+82-53-424-7883
  • Fax+82-53-359-1131
  • E-maildaedong-inc@hanmail.net

Detailed information

In the present subtropical climate, where the daily temperature difference increases and seasonal boundaries collapse, the air circulating system is being important. The temperature of air circulated by the internal air circulation fan can be reduced to about 3~4by simultaneous use of the front and rear exhaust fans so the role of the exhaust fan is getting bigger. High-performance industrial ventilators can get large air volume with little power, small noise, and no wind vortex.


Because of the high static pressure, it is optimized for duct exhaust and suitable for exhaust because it has a large air volume.


Even in high-speed operation, it has high machine safety, high strength, and the stable fixing. It is easy to maintain.


In addition, for the roof type ventilator, UV blocker is added to reinforce the strength of engineering plastics.


Since it is made of aluminum and stainless steel, all parts are resistant to corrosion.




Agricultural 6-pole motor is moisture-proof and increasing efficiency by reducing the rotations as possible. It prevents stress and dehumidification of plants by maintaining an appropriate flow rate required for plant growth.