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  • Company NameSHINIL TECH CO., LTD.
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Corporate information

  • Address63-51, Najeon-ro 137beon-gil, Saengnim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • ManagerJeong Chun Gil
  • Websitewww.malraenggi.com/
  • Tel+82-10-3593-2359
  • Fax+82-55-329-0502
  • E-mailshinilta@shollian.net

Detailed information

Drying with the light!


There are three types of light: infrared, visible, and ultraviolet.


Among them, near infrared rays penetrate deeper into the matter because their wavelength is much shorter than that of far-infrared rays.


That is why it is widely used for drying of automobile paints, medical machine in oriental clinics, and stoves.


Near-infrared rays penetrate 2~3mm to act as heat and do not heat air.



As the tray rotates, the wind is applied 360 degrees therefore heat loss is reduced and foods are dried evenly.


Emitting moisture naturally!

Because hot air circulates, moisture is naturally emitted while maintaining the internal temperature.


Only near-infrared rays penetrate the surface of an object during infrared rays and heat the matter directly without heating surrounding air. Other drying methods using an electric heater heats the surrounding air first and then dries the surface of matter.


For the near-infrared dryers, heat penetrates into the object and then radiates again, so that the heat raises temperature quickly and dries inside and outside of object at the same time. So It offers superlative drying condition and it also sterilizes.


It is used for disease treatment, disinfection, sterilization, joint and muscle treatment, and activates vital cells. Near-infrared light which is called as 'light of life', is widely used for medical purpose and the seeds which is dried by this light germinate and get sprouted.


Tasty and quickly-made!

Under the natural drying, the daylight hours are limited. And with a general square-type dryer, some drying processes should be repeated thus the drying time would be longer.


However, with our Malraenggi food dryer, the drying time would be shorter because our dryer doesn't need any repeated works.


It is three times of oil dryer and two times of other dryers, yielding more than double outcomes and lowering power consumptions.


Remarkable quality of tray!

The tip of the tray is triangular-shaped, so the object does not stick and the wind is transmitted evenly, enabling uniform drying.


PP material is used. Very safe and no hazardous substance generated.


Easy to use!

By simply setting the temperature and time, everyone can easily operate.




You can always check the drying condition in our Malraenggi food dryer, since the temperature inside the dryer is not that hot.