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High place working vehicle

  • CatagoryAgricultural machinery > Agricultural machinery
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  • Product No.18-2
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Corporate information

  • Address67, Geomdan-ro 27-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerNam Yeong Seok
  • Websitewww.chsam.co.kr
  • Tel+82-53-384-9818
  • Fax+82-53-384-0717
  • E-mailchungsong33@yahoo.co.kr

Detailed information

The electric boom-type agricultural high place work vehicle CH-M350S is highly efficient with 8 batteries, and the stability is maximized by putting power on the opposite side of the center of the boarding platform.


The minimum height is 35cm, the maximum ground height is 3.1m, and the boom is rotatable about 360°, making it possible to work more conveniently and efficiently in orchards and workshops.


When working on an incline, the angle of the left and right is adjustable in the range of 10°, increasing the convenience of work and preventing the risk of overturn.


BLDC motor which is semi-permanent, consuming less battery, and showing twice power is installed.


By moving the footstool with no battery use, the cost to replace the battery has been significantly reduced.


When working in a confined space, two-stage fixed 90° work would be available.




Also, by applying an equalizer, it passes irregularities smoothly without bumping, ensuring stability during work.