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  • Address399, Simok-gil, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerHuh Jeong Gyu
  • Websiteblog.naver.com/vogus76
  • Tel+82-41-674-6374
  • Fax+82-31-676-8991
  • E-mailvogus76@naver.com

Detailed information

Our ridge-maker is a work machine that attaches to the rotary of 40hp~100hp. As it is assembled by vaulting, it is easy to attach and detach, increasing the efficiency.


There are various types of ridge-maker depending on the shape of the pile. it could mold ridge of almost all kinds of crops such as garlic, onion, sweet potato, potato, ginger, chives, cabbage, and Chinese cabbage.


Frame can be attached or removed up to 4~6 for a ridge-maker. Working width can be adjusted depending on the crop size and farming methods of each region. Listing, which is keeping the gap between the crops, also can be adjusted from 140mm to 400mm. So you can keep a certain distance no matter what kind of worker sows.


There are detachable auxiliary wings on both sides of ridge-maker, hence it can be adjusted up and down according to the shape of the ridge.




Furthermore, we also have TCB1400A which is attable to the small rotary with 18hp or less.