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underground crop harvester (TC-1800GA)

  • CatagoryAgricultural machinery > Agricultural machinery
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  • Product No.29-4
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Corporate information

  • Address399, Simok-gil, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerHuh Jeong Gyu
  • Websiteblog.naver.com/vogus76
  • Tel+82-41-674-6374
  • Fax+82-31-676-8991
  • E-mailvogus76@naver.com

Detailed information

Our underground crop harvester is vibration-free harvester, breaking away from the stereotype of shaking off the dirt with vibration.


Vibration-type harvesters have some problems because vibrating gives damage to the crops and reduces the durability of the harvester.


But our non-vibrating harvesters don't make vibration, so they can be used to soft crops like onions, not hurting the crops.


We figured out that those crops such as garlic, onions, ginger, and peanuts have similar growth depths. And by using this fact, we developed the vibration-free harvester with an emphasis on increasing harvesting efficiency, so the vibration-free harvesting method could be successful.


We have researched about the center of gravity, the angle of the digging blade, and the proper rotational ratio of the rotating roller. Therefore we achived high harvesting efficiency regardless of the work skill level and the type of soil.


Through order production method, we are keeping the efficiency of harvesting, rather than selling a lot.




There are also TC-1200SP for double-line harvester for sweet potato and TC-1900SP for triple-line havester.