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Garlic planter (HADA-GPS9T)

  • CatagoryAgricultural machinery > Agricultural machinery
  • Product Name
  • Company NameHADA CO., LTD.
  • Product No.24-1
  • Explanation
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Corporate information

  • Address329-34, Eungi-gil, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerHa Jong Woo
  • Websitewww.hada-korea.com
  • Tel+82-63-836-2005
  • Fax+82-303-3444-2005
  • E-mailhelp@hada-korea.com

Detailed information

Garlic planter/GPS9T, tractor-attached garlic planter machine can be sown by perforating mulched vinyl, and seeded on softened soil with rotary work.


It is possible to sow about 10ha per 8 hours, which is a great help to save time and labor costs. Also, it can increase the appearance rate of products of a certain size by spraying garlic at regular intervals.


Daytime distance and seeding depth can be adjusted, and any additional tractor PTO power is not required.




Since the seeding device and seeding cup are made of reinforced plastic, they are barely corroded and are strong and durable. Furthermore, it’s simple structure makes it easy to replace parts or maintain. We have JK-GPS7T, HADA-GPS9T, and JK-GPS11T.