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agricultural materials for plastic greenhouse

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  • Address163, Chaedongseon-ro, Beolgyo-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerYang Dong Ju
  • Website한솔농자재.kr
  • Tel+82-61-857-3997
  • Fax+82-61-857-3995
  • E-mailhansol8907@naver.com

Detailed information



Many farmers use the vinyl house because it costs less to install and is easy to construct. 

Hansol Agricultural Materials distributes and constructs all materials necessary for the construction of vinyl greenhouses, including galvanized pipes used as greenhouse frames.

Vinyl materials with high light transmittance and pads for fixing vinyl,
Multi-layered hot-curtain, which can keep the heat reservance over 70 percent in winter, 

In addition, a water pan, a connector, a switch, etc.  
We supply various materials for the vinyl greenhouse, and construct it ourselves.

Besides the vinyl greenhouse materials, you can easily get all kinds of iron and miscellaneous goods needed for farming with one-stop shopping.