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Grain loading boxes for vehicles

  • CatagoryAgricultural machinery > Agricultural machinery
  • Product NameSGL-3500
  • Product No.59-1
  • Explanation
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Corporate information

  • Address713-37, Pungyo-ro, Hwangsan-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerKIM CHANG GON
  • Websitewww.samsungfm.com/
  • Tel+82-63-546-0045
  • Fax+82-63-546-0146
  • E-mailkck0022@hanmail.net

Detailed information

Grain loading boxes for cars with innovative technologies of Samsung FM!


It can discharge grains within a short time, so the grain transfer process can be completed quickly.


The SGL-3500 (S, SS) E, a grain loading box for vehicles that transports harvested grain to the dryer, and it can adjust the amount of grain at the dryer speed.


The foldaway outlet can rotate left and right, allowing rapid discharge of grain and adjusting the direction of discharge and extend the length by folding, so it's easy to use.


You can check how much remains inside through the preview pane.


It is made of special steel plates for external construction, which is not only durable, also has an excellent appearance.


Samsung FM's SGL series has outstanding functions by applying patented technologies such as left-right turns, outlets expansion, and automatic fall,and its various models makes you choose good products.