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An-gae Fog

  • CatagoryOthers > Others
  • Product NameULV SPRAYER
  • Company NameSM BURE CO., LTD.
  • Product No.55-1
  • Explanation
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Corporate information

  • Address259, Jingoksandanjungang-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerHONG GI SOOL
  • Websitewww.222sm.kr/new2011/
  • Tel+82-1688-1533
  • Fax+82-62-959-1512
  • E-mail222sm@naver.com

Detailed information

The An-gae Fog is a new generation of ultra-fine particle sprayer.


The An-gae Fog can spray fine particle with maximum spatial efficiency and injection, which consists of a non-stop system from the tank to the nozzle.



In addition, it can spray various substances such as pesticides, sterilizers, air fresheners, and antibiotic, etc., and it is very easy and simple to use with ultra-small lightweights.


It can penetrate and spray into minute areas, and minimize contamination of soil by using medications.


Not only the spray into vegetable garden but also prevention of pests for indoor spaces such as in-out of barn and building, vinyl house, and house.

Resolve with a new level of An-gae Fog wherever disinfection is required.