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Corporate information

  • Address142, Unha-ro, Eunhyeon-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerYoo Gye hee
  • Websitetaesung.com
  • Tel+82-31-864-0671
  • Fax+82-31-864-0675
  • E-mailebkim@taesung.com

Detailed information

Tae-sung Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the leader of the domestic working machinery market, We provide our customers with high quality products, safe and best efficient working machinery through automated production facilities.


Tae-sung Manufacturing has built factories in three places and divided up each process, shipment, and management such as painting and assembly in production of parts, maximizing production efficiency and quality competitiveness.


Tae-sung Manufacturing is making a digital transformation of the production site by building the MES, integrated production management system for the first in the industry, and the focus digital system whcih is able to computerize all component and manage its history.


We produce high-quality products with a systematic qualuty management system and high-tech equipment introducion.


Electronic Automatic circulator that minimizes the error range,   Unmanned plasma cutters with fast and sophisticated machining capabilities,   CNC cut-off machine and large press that perform automated operations according to the program,and ABB welding robots of the world best quality make product processing.


In order to maintain the best painting condition even in harsh agricultural and livestock environments, we are doing painting work as finely as car painting, equipped with the automated cylinder painting line.


Customer's reliable company supplying only verified products by conducting thorough testing in the assembly line.


Tae-sung Manufacturing is recognized for its excellence not only in Korea but also in the global market with its excellent technology, production capability, and strict quality management.