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Protect Suits

  • CatagoryGreenhouse & horticultural equipment and materials > Greenhouse & horticultural equipment and materials
  • Product Name
  • Company NameJEONG-IL GLOCHEM CO., LTD.
  • Product No.36-3
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Corporate information

  • Address55-38, Siudong 2-gil, Gasan-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerPark Jin Gyu
  • Websitewww.alcotextile.co.kr
  • Tel+82-31-541-7747
  • Fax+82-50-4497-2842
  • E-mailshilpark@chol.com

Detailed information

Jeong-il Glochem developed 'Breathable Aluminum Thermal Materials' with our own technology.

High vapor permeable materials processed with aluminum coating to various fabrics, AL-Guard is used for a safety/protective clothing.

AL-Guard is highly insulative and thermal. Because their aluminum prevents the inflow of outer air, minimizes heat loss, it keeps internal radiant heat from losing due to the heat reflection of the aluminum.

It can also breathe through micro holes in the layer coated with aluminum.

When covering on hot water, you can see water vapor passing through, which allows moisture to be released to the outside.

At the same time, AL-Guard has excellent Water repellent on the surface. 

Due to the reflective properties of aluminium, it effectively shades light, and a low-volume, light-weight, which gives it a good fit.



Breathing through micro holes, high permeable AL-Guard shades sunlight with aluminum-specific reflectivity in summer, preventing heat and keeping the body warm in winter.

It is considered as the best material for waterproof or protective clothing, making the work comfortable for a long time with water repellent and moisture permeability.