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Air circulator fan

  • CatagoryGreenhouse & horticultural equipment and materials > Greenhouse & horticultural equipment and materials
  • Product Name
  • Company NameDAEDONG IND.
  • Product No.21-2
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Corporate information

  • Address94-9, Nowon-ro 1-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
  • ManagerKim Mi Kyeong
  • Websitewww.daedongfan.com
  • Tel+82-53-424-7883
  • Fax+82-53-359-1131
  • E-maildaedong-inc@hanmail.net

Detailed information

The air circulator fan is designed to fully use the cultivation area of ​​the greenhouse, considering photosynthesis and the appropriate wind speed for crops. By circulating stagnant air in the greenhouse, temperature deviation decreased. So we can achieve uniform growth, and prevent of diseases and cold damage through uniform temperature and uniform humidity.


Vortex-type blades composed of advanced aerodynamics have large air volume and low noise. So it circulates air without putting noise stress on crops.


Aluminum and stainless steel combined parts are semi-permanent, and because the outer stainless steel reflects light rays, there is no shade.


The 6-pole motor, which has a moisture-proof structure, improves the efficiency and saves energy, so it costs less electricity.


In addition, it is easy to install under any conditions in horizontally or vertically.


The upper airflow diffusion guide is divided into four parts so that the airflow caused by the fan is distributed and slowed down by the guide vane, and the airflow of outlet is widely spread around the stirrer.