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Watering is the fundamental for farming.

Watering by using a drip hose with water and fertilizer together, it can be a powerful system for increasing our agricultural production. With this trend, the best drip tape is definitely Nam Kyung's Water fall.




Nam Kyung’s drip tape, Water Fall is the most commonly used product in domestic farms.

Stabilized water dripping, excellent durability, no clogging ensures long-term usage of the drip tape. Therefore, many farmers select our products.



Waterfall delivers two types of products: "Water Fall-Q" of chip-type and "Water Fall-N of strap-type.




A roll is 1000m long, convenient enough to be installed in the wide facilities or fields.

Depending on which crop to cultivate, you can adjust the amount of water drops per hour in a single hole from 0.7 liters to 25,5 liters. The interval between water drops is from 5 to 100 centimeters, making you easy to grow a variety of crops.



Nam Kyung's Waterfall is the best suitable drip tape for managing your crop growth, even if the gap of drip is narrow, there's no variation in water flow, also supplies stabilized water for the whole facility.





Drip Tape was first invented in Israel where the water is poor. However, Nam Kyung succeeded the first domestic localization of drip tape, s Water Fall drip tape became the most commonly used in the domestic farmhouses.





You can tell the reason with the increased yields yourself.